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Online Reading: 9 Card Spread

The Relationship Bridge
You   The Other


Four of Swords Two of Swords Knight of Swords
4. The sage - meditation, concentration, thought 2. The duel - a debate, actively questioning and seeking wisdom Knight - righting wrongs, slaying evil, being judgmental


Queen of Swords Nine of Coins Lady of Cups
Queen - presenting a choice between the red, mature, positive side and the green, unripe, negative side 9. The money tree - prosperity, health Lady - intuition, trusting the unconscious

The Relationship Bridge

Five of Cups The Star The Wheel of Fortune
5. The quake - breaking of position, a sudden breakthrough, new possibilities the Siren, purification - the peace beyond blood red fear and milk white hope, calm, understanding, ascent The fixed and the volatile - fate, transformation, change