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Online Reading: 9 Card Spread

The Relationship Bridge
You   The Other


The Eight of Staffs The Hermit Ace of Cups
8. The woodcutter - cutting back, simplifying, focusing exaltation - meditation, solitude, following inner guidance 1. The fish - finding one’s destiny or purpose


King of Coins Seven of Cups The Empress
King - mastering one’s environment and occupation 7. The tools - choice, inner guidance the White Queen, earth - attraction, fertility, the feminine

The Relationship Bridge

The Six of Staffs The High Priestess The World
6. The master craftsman - honor, respect esoteric spirituality, water - intuition, a secret, or something that cannot be spoken the Red Stone, the goal of the Work, the Fifth Element, the Soul of the World - the good, the inner guide, the object of one’s goals.