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Online Reading: 9 Card Spread

The Relationship Bridge
You   The Other


Three of Swords Seven of Swords The Wheel of Fortune
3. The bleeding heart - pain, suffering, heartache 7. The fox - cleverness, dishonesty, amorality, without judgement The fixed and the volatile - fate, transformation, change


The World The Eight of Staffs Lady of Staffs
the Red Stone, the goal of the Work, the Fifth Element, the Soul of the World - the good, the inner guide, the object of one’s goals. 8. The woodcutter - cutting back, simplifying, focusing Lady - dance, love of the new

The Relationship Bridge

Five of Coins Knight of Coins Knight of Cups
5. The beggar - sickness, poverty, something is missing Knight - protector of health and wealth Knight - seeking information, questing into the unconscious