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Online Reading: 9 Card Spread

The Relationship Bridge
You   The Other


Ten of Staffs The Nine of Staffs The Six of Staffs
10. The phoenix - rebirth, strengthened by ordeals, renewed strength 9. The grey wolf - sacrifice, overcome with passion 6. The master craftsman - honor, respect


Lady of Swords The Knight of Staffs The Magician
Lady - eloquence, poetry, song Knight - seeking a new location Hermes, the matter of the Work, containing the four elements - a messenger, gesturing as above so below, indicating the way of heaven on earth

The Relationship Bridge

Judgement Seven of Cups Four of Cups
resurrection - rejuvenation, healing, removing blocks, recalling the past. 7. The tools - choice, inner guidance 4. The elephant - a conservative position, strong, stuck, not moving