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Alchemical Tarot: Art Edition

The Alchemical Tarot Art Edition


The Alchemical Tarot was originally published by HarperCollins in London, in 1995. That edition is now out of print and, although it originally sold for $35, now copies can sell for over $2,000 if you can find them. There is, however, an alternative to paying an inflated price for a mass-produced deck on pulp paper. After The Alchemical Tarot went out of print, Place created digital files of each card so that it could be printed on archival rag paper with archival ink as a fine art ink jet print, also known as a giclee.

Each card is hand cut so that it measures approximately 2.5″ by 4″ with the illustration taking up most of the space. Instead of the line drawing of the archway that was on the original mass-produced edition there is only be a 1/4″ white border. This is the way that Place originally intended them to look. The archway was added to the original because the publisher wanted them wider than Place intended and the columns took up the extra space.

Place has also made improvements to the drawings, added shading, and improved the coloring. With the high quality paper and the giclee printing, the colors are richer than the mass-produced edition. On the back there is an overall decorative pattern like a Renaissance wallpaper design in blue with alchemical symbols worked in between stems and leaves.

And there is an extra Lovers card. When Place first designed the Lovers card for this deck, his editor felt that it was too sexy and asked him to tone it down. As an added feature the Art Edition will include both versions of the Lovers, the one that was previously published with the deck and the censored one. It will also include a title card that will be individually signed and numbered.

Finally, each deck comes in an individually handmade box.

Order the Art Edition

To order The Alchemical Tarot Art Edition send $600 plus $13 for shipping in the USA ( New York State residents must add 8% sales tax – for foreign orders┬áplease inquire about shipping rates) by check, or your Visa or Master Card number and expiration date, with your name and address to:

Robert Place
34 Moon Rd
Saugerties, NY 12477

You can order by phone: (845)246-0180

or email alchemicaltarot@aol.com


Payment may also be sent send the money via PayPal. Please request a PayPal Invoice.


An Art Edition of The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery can also be purchased for the same price. It is printed on cotton paper with archival ink and comes in a similar handmade box. Please inquire if you are interested.